The Quiet Kennel

Noise-cancelling dog house prototype


A Project by: Espadaysantacruz Studio

Client: Ford Agency: GTB London

Film direction, Design & Production: Espadaysantacruz

Studio Music: TDL Music


Job position: Editing

The technology used by cars can be applied to improve other aspects of our day to day. Ford's Interventions bring the latest car innovations to solve everyday problems. Many dogs and other pets are terrified of fireworks. To minimize the dog stress, we have design and build a kennel that uses a combination of passive and active noise cancelling systems. The kennel detects explosions with microphones and counteracts them by pumping out frequencies that mitigate the sounds.


The kennel is build with soundproofing cork panels, anti-vibration risers and even soundproofed ventilation, while an automatic door helps your pooch quickly take shelter.


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